24 September, 2004

the cats birthday

It's our little Jasmine's birthday today. She is three. Well actually its her guesstimated birthday. As she is far from pedigreed, coming from a backyard encounter (B's mums ex-neighbours' tabby cat had with a local persian/chinchilla...got that!) we are not really sure of the exact date. And as her human parents at the time were the most irresponsible cat owners, allowing their cat to have up to 3 litters a year, they couldn't remember the date Jasmine was born. So we settled early on that her birthday would be 1 October.

Being a 98% of the time indoor cat, today she has been shown the door and given the opportunity to roam and investigate the backyard biodiversity, as well as bask in the sun.

I visited Loobylu's site earlier and she had provided some commentary regarding her dislike for cats. I must say that we too went for the boisterous kitty of the litter (we actually had a choice of two by the time we rescued our Jas). I wanted a female, and of the two (both identical) she showed the most spunk. Now I have had cats before and they were very docile, so one with attitude would be nice for a change however, as with the nursery rhyme... when she is good, she is very very good, but when she is bad, she is rotten - and I have the scratches to prove it.

Jasmine is a beautiful cat (not biased of course), she has beautiful large eyes, impressive whiskers and an equally impressive tail. She is very playful, playing fetch with bottletops, and is also extremely inquisitive. I wouldn't trade her for another, however she does command respect.

Thank goodness for Macc who provides us with lots of cuddles and affection. It is funny how individual and different the personalities of cats can be. I am not sure with all breeds of dogs but you can be sure of one thing, greyhounds are all very affectionate and gentle. It is so sad they are so misunderstood and that someone, and I refer to the article B posted earlier today, could be so cruel to such a gentle creature. The sad thing is that this is actually more common than the article reports.

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