28 September, 2004

please explain!!!!

As the title says, PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!
I do not understand it how Chanel got through on Australian Idol, and how Emelia, aka Pauline, got the boot!! Ok, whilst Emelia is very much the novice (in her own words), what an experience for her, she gave it her all, well done!
And as to Chanel, I mean, how much of this girl can we bear? I don't know about you, but I am sick to death of how she puts on the 'cutesy' (if that's a word) look all the time. I find her boring, cant sing, and certainly can't be cute while trying to sing!!!
And then there's Marty, poor soul, felt sorry for him too last night about again being in the bottom three, but then again he was boring as hell on Sunday night too!!!

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