04 September, 2004

its been a little quiet in my corner....

for the following reasons, and not in order of priority or significance:
  • career blues,
  • uni study,
  • competition for the computer, and
  • work.

Each of the above has been in combination at some stage or another which has ment a very up and down week for me. I do believe however, that the week ended significantly up, not only because I had a day off on Friday (organised on Monday, because I didn't believe I would make it through a week at work), but because work and the career blues thing might be sorted. The turnaround commencing Tuesday afternoon with a phone call from my manager, and a discussion about some options for the direction of our unit. I think I am valued! This is always nice to have reaffirmed.

So whilst the work front work might be on the up and the career blues put away until next season, study for uni took a turn for the worst with my complete lack of understanding of the calculations required to determine a firms optimal output with regards to marginal revenue and marginal cost. I just don't get it!! and its not likely I'm ever going to have to use it again if I ever pass this subject.

Is Father's Day going to be the appropriate time to get the littlest sister's fiance to give me a tutorial? Oh hell, is he even going to be at mum and dad's tomorrow? I need to finish this blog and further consult the textbooks. And besides B has just arrived in and will no doubt be wanting the computer soon.

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