22 September, 2004

the real economy in the long run

That is the topic for this morning, with the focus on production and growth.

I'm home again for a few days, this time on study leave. I get a whole 3 days study leave a semester, and I have taken them at this time to get my assignment finalised and submitted by Friday PM. I am not too worried about it, as it is essentially finished, but unlike an essay, this one is entirely multiple choice. So you are either right or wrong.

I will also be having 3 days off next week, this time annual leave, however, I will be using my time in a similar way, to continue with the study. I am going to rethink my strategy for next semester, I seem to have had a lot of leave but somehow the more time I give myself, the less motivated I am to get through the work. I think the old saying "if you want something done, ask a busy person" rings true in my case, as the more I have on my plate the more I seem to get done.

I think getting the career blues a few weeks back, kind of upset my drive to get things done. Although I made some changes as a result, which have had positive outcomes already.

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