01 September, 2004

what's in a name I hear you ask?????

I have been asked, (again) as to how we got to the name of our website/blog!

Well, here 'tis.

When we were looking at some of the other blogs out there in cyber land, I was on the puter and L was (trying) to cook dinner. If my memory is correct, I think it was sausages. Why, do I hear you ask, if I remember it was sausages?

Well, L was definitely cooking sausages, on HIGH, and was distracted out to the puter room for what ever reason, and it was the sound of the smoke alarm that convinced her that "Houston, we have a problem"! No, not really the smoke alarm, but there was enough smoke there that should have set it off though!!

This is one (of many) attempts by L to add that lovely, smoky, atmosphere to the house. Her attempts in the kitchen, whilst are intended to be very helpful and is gratefuly accepted, come to the end result of either being a 'burnt offering' or there is something wrong with it. Like on Monday night for example:

I was on my way home from work, and talking to L from my mobile (hands free of course *grins*) and she suggested "Why don't we have the chicken Kiev we purchased from Baiada" these were a very cheep *giggles at ones own joke* buy.
I says, "ok, but can you get it started"?.
When I get home, the oven was on, and the chicken was on the side of the bench and still FROZEN. L did not think that it needed to be thawed out before going into the oven.

Now after seeing a show on the ABC (which name escapes me at the moment), we saw exactly how food poisoning happens from un-cooked chicken, and wanting not to have this happen, I suggested to L that this needs to be thawed out so she put it in the microwave.

But, we did have some (limited) success on the weekend with some Friand's. In fact, there is a pic of them in the 'Pics' section of burntofferings website, so go and have a look. They tasted as good as they looked, and nice and (very) crunchy on the edges, whilst being a little raw still in the center!

Well, had better go now, cya!


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  1. Hey there. Linked across to this blog from another one (blue monkey something). It was a great read!!. Thanks and keep posting!


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