05 September, 2004

Family Fireworks a Tradition for Fathers Day

Being Fathers Day today, the family gathered for lunch at mum and dad's. It was a bit of a frantic day for B & me. We had a few things to finish off at home - like replacing the backyard light and planting the last of the plants bought on Friday, all before 11am when we needed to hit the road to Willoughby for the Fathers Day celebrations. For B the celebrations were only in passing as after a quick bite to eat he had to be at the airport to catch his plane to Wagga Wagga to attend a conference on Weeds.

I drove B to the airport and returned to Willoughby to enjoy pudding and a cup of tea, and this is where it got interesting.... The 'sister-next-in-line' and SIL had an altercation, which saw both end up in tears and the favourite brother (actually the only brother), littlest P, and SIL leave.

Now by 'getting interesting', I don't mean I took any enjoyment in words being said, feelings hurt and tears being shed, but I seem to recall that last year on this very day, the littlest sister and I, got into a heated debate, that saw a similar version of events take place and end with me (and B) leaving the party early. I think this could be a tradition in the making, I'll let you know next Fathers Day.

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