03 September, 2004

GAL today!

Well, what a day!

Today we went and picked up the MIL and then headed down to GAL (Gardening Australia Live). We had a great time, looked at lots of great ideas for the garden, lots of interesting plants, and we even managed to buy a couple (more than what the budget allowed)!!!

We were there almost all day, and I was very tired by the end of the day! By the time we eventually got home, I was TIRED!!!

At one of the exhibitors, they were doing some cooking with herbs,mainly cooking a chicken breast on Kaffir Lime leaves, and another one on Lemon Thyme. For dinner tonight, now A, NO drooling here, I stir fried some chicken, then added some of the Kaffir AND Lemon Thyme finely diced, and then added some Vietnamese mint before some Coconut cream to make a bit of sauce. This I added to some rice, flavoured with the same mint, YUMMMO!!!!!

I have just gotten onto the pc, as L has been studying, and I am about to go to bed.

Night night!!


  1. I'm sorry but 'A' can't comment on your cooking tonight B... she was sadly electrocuted by her keyboard when some droooool dripped in it!!! P.S. prepare thyself for an encore cooking that dish B!!!!

  2. mmmmmm "chicken lemon type herby stuff*, A here's the plan. you get B and L over to make the chickeny stuff and i'll bring dvd's and cheesecake. it'll be perfect.

  3. Well one and all.......
    It will not be this week, with one flying out to sunny Wagga Wagga tomorrow!!!!
    But, maybe soon, and before you leave N!!!


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