18 September, 2004

dinosaur designs

B and I were up and out of the house early today, thanx to mum. She let us know about the Dinosaur designs clearance sale at Strawberry Hills. I really love the designs, colours, and feel of the their stuff. I have quite a few pieces now, and today was able to add 2 pairs of servers, a small dish, round lidded bowl, a couple of small spoons (one really tiny), some buckles (for when I get around to making some bags) and some buttons. All in all quite successful.

Now that I am home however, I wish I had bought some of beads, and a pair of their silver inlay earrings. I didn't want to push my luck with B though, who was ever so patient, and had already had to walk a mile to get some cash out for me. Also, as it was total bedlam with people pushing and shoving it was good just to get out of the place in one piece with our existing purchases.

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