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22 September, 2011

Interesting stuff!

Last night, I had an interesting phone call where I've been asked to do a presentation about organ donation. Basically, it will be 'My Story' and the circumstances behind making the decision when I did. BUT, I am grateful in the knowledge that 2 people have benefited from the decision I/we made!

However, I went for a bit of a walk earlier today, and there was simply some magnificent colour about early this year!

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

Here are some closer looks at some of the specimens, the colours are simply stunning, and will come along as well over the Spring.

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

Spring Walk 2011

White Tulip

Spring Walk 2011

Along some of the pathways within the Gardens, there are a lot of Clivia spp lining them, and they look truly wonderful - both the orange AND the yellow...

Clivia Pathways

Clivia Yellow

Even looking to the skies, the good old Grey Headed Flying Fox's are about...



Hoo roo for now...


15 April, 2011

Two years on - its still so unfair... Rembering Louise

7.36am, 15th April 2009, my world came crashing down around me...


At first, I thoght all was ok, and then I felt as though I didn't know what to do...


You're now at peace, with our angle babies...

Louise 14

2 years ago today, Missing you more than ever, and loving you still today


Hoo roo for now...


10 March, 2011

Two years ago today...

Time, roughly 3.45am, Lou was awake, restless and anxious... She woke me, accidently of course, and headed off to the bathroom with the PG Test stick in hand. It was still a little early, day 10 and not due to go back to IVF until the 13th, but test she did...


WHAT a great birthday present I got that year, a positive, Louise was pregnant... Oh how it should have been oh so different...

Hoo roo for now...


11 December, 2010

Happy Birthday Louise...

Today, you would've been 41 and enjoying life... Missing you dearly...

Today, I commemorate you in B&W...


Hoo roo for now...


14 April, 2009

How was your Easter???

Well, we hope that you all have had a great Easter. Although we had a busy one, L is still rather sick at the moment... Easter was a great time to meet up with old friends, new friends and family!

We had the Easter lunch over at the MIL's, Roast Pork, Roast Lamb, Potatoes & Veges... And lets not forget about the deserts! There was so much food it was great!

The next sister down, C, is due to have her second baby in a couple of weeks. She went to have an ultrasound, and was in such pain (overfull bladder) that she had to go a 'release' a little! It actually showed then, that this little fella is actually due in a matter of weeks, a couple less than expected!

The last sister down, O, is about 20 weeks pregnant now. She spent Easter with her husbands family, so we missed out on seeing Rosie. But, Riley more than made up for the 'toddlers' in the room!

Our dear friends, B&K, are expecting their little bundle of joy soon as well! They had a 'baby shower' for the little one, and whilst the girls had tea and cakes inside, the boys also were there for drinks and nibbles outside. K was looking well. Good luck you guys, not long now!

We have been doing a lot of nothing over the last couple of weeks. We have even caught up on everything the TiVo had recorded for us! This was no mean feat, as it was deleting some as it had reached capacity! I installed the software on our laptop so as I can bring shows across from the Tivo to watch later. I still need to get the link across to the xBox so as we can store them there and remove it from the laptop! They are taking a lot of space!

The Royal Easter Show is in town again, and we went on Thursday as a 'pick me up', and again on Saturday. Although, on Saturday we were only there for about 2 hours really! We sat in the Members stand, watched the Show Jumping and L was really not feeling well at all so we left. I got her to wait at the entrance whilst I went and got the car, she could barely walk... We got home, and L went to bed and rested up.

We lost our lemon tree this last summer as well. I think it was from an invasion of the Bronze Orange bug. It had a bout of them last year, followed by another season of them this year. I did spray the tree for them, but unfortunately, it was a little late... We now have to look for a replacement one and to go with the Blood Orange, Lemonade, Chocolate Sapote and Lychee trees. Not to mention the vege patch, which has a pumpkin growing and in Bunnings yesterday, I got two Kale for L, she loves it in a stir-fry.


16 December, 2008

Happy Birthday L

Ok, as L had her surgery on friday (instead of Thursday) this meant that her birthday party may have been cancelled... But, being the 'trooper' that she is, it went ahead...

Here are some shots of the day (and I have not really included any of her, as due to the pain she was in (and still is today mind you)), she was not looking her 'best':

12 December, 2008

Happy Birthday... TROLL!

Yesterday, was L's birthday... And it was going to be a 'special' day. You see, last Thursday, I had a meeting with her specialist and it was arranged that she will be 'slotted in' where he can for a couple of investigations for recurrent miscarriages. Guess what, he got her in ON her birthday! What's more, she was first on the list and had to be there by 6.30am! But a call from the clinic the following day rescheduled it for today, Friday...
So how did we celebrate it??? Croissants and fresh brewed coffee in the morning with the delivery of her present, a Troll Bracelet.

Fish Lock

Birthday Troll

After a nice morning relaxing spa, we headed north for the morning taking BACK the bracelet, as it was a little long and I had fears of it falling off! The girls at M-Studio were fantastic and she swapped it over no worries. However, whilst we were in there, she Had to get another three beads now!!!
After all changes were made, we headed over to a new shop for some lunch, Fourth Village Providore (an Italian market/Café) in Mosman. This was FANTASTIC! We shared a pizza (Bufalo Cheese, Prosciutto, Basil and fresh Parmesan)! Dessert was a Chocolate Fig Tart with Mascarpone and chocolate sauce drizzled around the plate!!!! YUMM!
After lunch we headed home to finish getting the house ready for the family and friends gathering on Sunday, maybe. L has come up rather sore from the surgery, so it is on notice... It would be terrible if she could not get out of bed! The cake is ordered and I will be collecting it tomorrow morning... More on that over the weekend!

10 December, 2008

Man, have we been busy!!!

This is a bit of a 'catch-up', so apologies in advance!
Firstly, in news other than homely stuff, 'L' had another cycle, however, this time, it was a negative. Friday, she is going off to have some investigative surgery to have a look at the insides... More on that in another post!
So, what have we been doing? A lot! Tiling the back (and front) verandahs...



Back Wide


Side During

Back During

Side Finished

Back Finished II

And finished & cleaned off...

Back Cleaned

Also, the second bedroom was still in the colours that were in it when we bought the house 3 1/2 years ago, so a change was in order...

2nd Bedroom

Clearly, the previous owner's little girl had influenced the colour choice...

2nd Bedroom Door

And, as tomorrow is 'L's' birthday and a party will be had on Sunday, we are doing a spot of cleaning!!!

Rug Cleaning

I promise, I will post a photo of the present I have got her tomorrow afternoon!!!

21 November, 2008


These last few months have been somewhat, "crafty research" shall we say, and what's more, I am off to Canberra tomorrow bright and early in the aide of more ... research!
You see, it is the Canberra's Handmade Market, so we are making the 300klm trip to go and see if it is any good. I sure hope so!
Below is a little bit of what I have bought, what I have read or reading and what I have to make.
Of the books, the "Little Cat and the Big Red Bus" has some great illustrations, and both of the "Softies" books offer some real inspiration.
With a quilt to make and two dolls to do as well, I suspect that I am going to be more than a little busy, lets hope that I do not find to much tomorrow!

1. Needs a name, 2. Softie School Photo, 3. Grok, 4. Neville, 5. Little Stiches, 6. Books, 7. Stiched Book double spread, 8. Little cat & the big red bus, 9. Cat, 10. Cat on bus, 11. Red Bus Home, 12. Cat & Dog, 13. Doll kits, 14. 3 eyed fish, 15. Red Bus, 16. Quilt.

19 November, 2008

Oh what a ... day!

On Monday, we had an interesting morning...

We had to get to the clinic early on Monday for another transfer. This was to be our4th transfer since collecting the follicles a short time ago... So we left early as we had to drive in the morning peak. Trouble was, somebody forgot to tell the rest of the city, that they should also be driving and we got to our destination an HOUR early!

So, nearby, there is a hotel with a coffee shop attached so we parked the car and went there. I was no sooner inside, and thought I recognised some girls sitting there having their breakfast. And it wasn't long before I realised who they were... They were the girls from 'Make me a Supermodel' and here they were, stuffing their faces, being demanding for coffee in a take away cup and generally being a right royal "prima-donnas"!

Then it was time to go to the clinic for the transfer, which went as expected and I will not bore you with the details, and we headed home for a rest. There were a few 'sharp pains' in the lower abdo, and all, but all was going well. We then had to drive into the City, as L had to have an appoint to go to followed by a follow-up/debrief from the Pilot Program that the IVF Clinic had done. This was a weight loss program, that re-educated you on how your body works with food. Eating every three hours, a strict calorie total for the day and a 45 min walk at least 3 times a week. The program leader was sending tips on things to do as well through the 6 week program. All up, L had lost nearly 7kg, drop three sizes in her jeans and is enjoying her walks! All we have to do is get a positive that sticks!

That's all for now, but will keep you updated as we go... We are going to the Canberra Craft Markets this weekend, so lots of crafty goodness will be there!

06 October, 2008

remember me...

it has been too long for me to remember how long since I last posted. This is beginning to sound like confession, for which it has been even longer since I last attended. Goodness, where is this going.....
Let's start again. Look what came in the post last week. A Bride & Wolfe nesting bird from my most favourite shop in Melbourne, Douglas & Hope. Last year I did quite a few trips to Melbourne, this year I haven't had one, and with a gift voucher to spend it was a relief to come across this birdie and her eggs on the Douglas & Hope blog and that they do mail order. I love this birdie, she can be sitting on a nest or on a branch if you turn the bottom bit over. she can be all white or brown, or a combination. I love clever design.

Bride & Wolfe
In my break from the blog I have dug out some of those unfinished projects, including a Noah's Ark tapestry. It is an Ehrman pattern from 1989, I haven't been working on it for that long though. My Dad found it a couple of years ago in a vintage store, with some of the bottom section done, and knowing how much I like Noah's Ark and stitching bought it for me. It is very much a winter project though, the wool gets very warm in your hands when the weather starts to heat up. I did the last stitches today. Bring on summer.

The next project, aimed to be completed this week is a quilt I started a few years back. It is the first quilt I ever made, started whilst I was at home recouping from having my gall bladder removed. I didn't know what I was doing but I was bored, had a collection of fabrics I liked and didn't know what to do with, and there you have a quilt without binding. I recently discovered this unfinished project in a cupboard, and on a trip out with mum found some pink silky fabric I would like to attempt to use for the binding.

Then for something new, I will be embellishing this picture on linen that I purchased from the Stitches and Craft Show this year.

And something else new. Well new to us...

New Car