24 March, 2008

Happy Easter...

Late I know, but...

Here is what 'L' baked (which, by chance, happened to work out...)
Hot Cross Buns
These were absolutely delicious to by the way!

19 March, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 21: - A visitor...

The other night, L came home from work VERY late, and to our surprise, this is what was greeting her at the front door...
Leaf Tailed Gheko
And, a close up of his head...
Leaf Tailed Gheko Head

14 March, 2008

circles and squares: yet another quilt!

L has been somewhat busy of late, fulfilling some of her "New Year's resolution's" listed here.

So, here is a bit of an update of her progress...
  1. Make a Picnic Rug, the store bought one we used for NYE, is ugly and uncomfortable. This is now underway, thus the title of this posting on a lovely very warm Autumnal afternoon.

    circles and squares quilt
  2. Laundry Conversion to be complete by the end of February. DONE! (well almost, we just have to have the shower screen installed...)
  3. Bathroom Makeover to be completed by the end of June. This is about to go, here is the vanity we picked up on a 'Kerbside Pick-up Sale!

    Bathroom Vanity
  4. I pledge Handmade. This has been started, and will continue throughout the year...
  5. I plan to 'Pay it Forward'. This is still continuing, so will update more on how this has been going!
  6. Phone a friend a month, some of my friends have been so neglected, we didn’t even get out Christmas cards in 2007, this will not happen in 2008. Those of you who have stayed with us, I thank you. Now, who of you has had a call... hmm??? I guess this needs more attention!!
  7. Cook more dinners, I hate to admit it, but B carries more than his weight in this area. And it makes me feel real bad. I am still waiting!!!
  8. Work smarter, I gotta get this sorted for a more sane 2008. I don't think that she is wining here. The last couple of weeks, she has spent many a night at work until 9.30pm!

So, I guess she is doing sort of OK, albeit busy. Another thing, not on the list but certainly is going to happen, is getting a spa for the backyard. This is of course for therapeutic nature for my rehabilitation of my back injury and surgery. I got a great deal of relief from the spa's in New Zealand, so I can't wait!!!

Oh, have you ever see a cat that likes vegemite?


12 March, 2008

Having a 'clean & green' birthday!!!

I just thought I would share with you, my 'birthday' present... Well, sort of!

It is actually a replacement machine, as it predecessor decided to retire from active duty, after spending a couple of weeks resting out on the verandah! So, with this new, clean & GREEN machine, we will be saving more on Energy and Water!

Our old washing machine would work to a point; that is fill up, then stop! No washing was being done at all! This became very frustrating and was made worse by having to do the soaking load by HAND! And at 11.30 on a Sunday night!

So, on my birthday, there was a lot of calls to various shops to get the best deal, and to ensure that it would actually FIT into the back of my car! This was all achieved, with me arriving at the warehouse at 4:58pm when it shuts at 5:00pm!
So, Happy Birthday to me...

Washing Machine

10 March, 2008

21 February, 2008

Its a '5 things' meme!!

Ok, I liked this a lot from ExPat Mom, so I thought I would do it as well...

Five things I didn’t see coming
Meeting my soul mate...
My accident resulting in spinal surgery!
Travelling overseas, I thought it would be impossible!
My engine blowing up in my car a couple of years ago.
Finding absolutely NOTHING wrong when doing the laundry renovation. We thought there might be something!

Five things I was doing 20 years ago
Performing on stage in an annual musical (singing AND Dancing, ekk!! and I have the videos to prove it!!!)
Doing both Trampoline and Gymnastics every night of the week...
Doing my apprenticeship as a gardener.
Going camping when I could.
Going on train trips as well when I could.

Five things on my to do list for today
Finish work!
Go to the gym and have a swim afterwards.
Finish preparing the door to the laundry, (sanding the underside and painting it).
Watch both LOST and Ramsey Kitchen.
Try and get a good nights sleep

Five things I will do when I am a millionaire
First Class to England flying either Japan Airlines or Emirates.
From Europe to Guatemala to visit Genesis!
Renovate the bathroom, paint the inside of the house (incl filling the cracks).
Get a new car!
Renovate the lawns with a topdressing and new turf (QLD Blue Couch of course).

Five things I will never wear again
Some of the costumes I once wore on stage!
Ugg boots in public...
Speedos when swimming (until I lose a bit of weight)
Flared Jeans.
A dress! (ok, it was for a fancy dress party, and I went as Dame Edna Everage!)

Five of my favorite toys
Monopoly (ok, its a game, but it is a toy all the same...)
Playstation II
Jungle Party on PSII

Five banes of my existence
CSA. Only a couple more years to go...
Slow drivers in the fast lane! Don't you know there is a law against it!
People who mis-understand a light hearted comment, as something as being more than it is... Stay happy people!
Not being able to stay in touch with my friends as much as I would like to. I am sorry, I would like to see you, but we are sooooo busy at the moment...
Mowing the lawn then Macc does a you know what on it...

Ok, I have to tag someone new with this . . . YOU! If you´re interested, take up the challenge!

19 February, 2008

30 days : days 18, 19 & 20... Laundry Renovation cont...

Ok, so here is another update of sorts on the laundry...Day 18 saw the security come on board to safeguard the big 'unveil':

Laundry Security
Clearly he is busy 'guarding' something...
Then, as things were slowly slipping behind schedule, we had to get additional 'hired' help by way of an apprentice:

Laundry Apprentice
Clearly, unimpressed with being 'caught' sleeping on the job

Laundry Apprentice
And this is how she shows how unhappy' she is...

Laundry Apprentice
But, now for the big unveil (taken with our little camera for its wide angle lens)...

Laundry 19-02-2008
and with my camera...

Laundry 15-02-2008

17 February, 2008

30 days: day 17 The laundry, Its almost finished...

Well, progress has come on very fast this last couple of days, and whilst the final bits n pieces are done, here is a teaser...

Laundry Soap

Laundry Soap & Tap

15 February, 2008

30 days: day 16 Valentines Day

Well last night we went to a movie... Not any old cinema no no, that would be just to boring. Instead we went to where I work to the St George Open Air Cinema to see 27 Dresses! It is a truely beautiful night, watching a movie on a big scree that appears out of Sydney Harbour... You not only get to watch the movie, but also the changing lights of the city as office towers shut down for the night. Mind you, prior to that, we did catch up with some friends of mine for dinner at the Sienna Marina Restaurant in Wooloomooloo.

Valentines Day 27 Dresses

13 February, 2008

30 Days: day 15 (WW #20) Our Pets

Happy (younger) Macc

A smiling Macc with Foster dog 'Slow Joe'

Shy Jasmine

Joe and Jasmine Whats with the stairs?