12 May, 2007

all things skyward

winter hanging basket

I had planned to start a quilting class today, instead yesterday I was hit with environmental consciousness regarding the halogen lights in our lounge and kitchen which, saw me head to the lighting shop on the way home from work to purchase some megaman light globes and fittings that of course couldn't wait to be installed. They also turned out to be a bit more work than at first anticipated, requiring the existing holes to be increased.

A trip to
Bunnings early this morning, because I am impatient about these sorts of things, to purchase a gizmo that would cut circles in the gyprock. A trip to Bunnings is not complete without a trip to the nursery, big mistake, this led to punnets of seedlings (pansies, lobellia, allsyum) for the hanging baskets I also purchased yesterday. Only problem I felt an extra basket was also required so next it was off to Big W, and then about a dozen other nurseries to find coloured lettuce and Miss Lou Lou pansies, the coloured lettuce because I needed some added texture and colour, and this was a great suggestion of B's except for the amount of time it took out of the day. Mind you, whilst I visited the nurseries B installed the lights, if B had been with me he would have put a stop to my obsessive compulsion after about the third nursery. Anyway, as he was preoccupied I don't think he realised how long I was actually gone for, the gizmo for cutting holes didn't work, although he found a steak knife did the trick. So many good ideas.

By the time I arrived home, going to a quilting class was out of the question, I had hanging baskets to assemble. Now on a roll, lawns got mowed, and the house name hung. We must be having guests here tomorrow.

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