09 May, 2007

dovecote cottage

dovecote cottage

my head is back in Toowoomba and in particular the cute little B&B we stayed at 'Dovecote Cottage'. It was so cosy and had the most fabulous avocado tree out back, that provided mum and I the opportunity to practice our pinata skills. I don't know what the neighbours thought with two pj clad women balancing on a chair, wielding and waving a broom at the branches, early in the morning and giggling crazily.

avocado tree

I am indulging (or is it torturing) myself by posting the following photos also from our recent trip to Toowoomba via Noosa.

pearls for girls

A trip to Noosa would not have been complete without a visit to Pearls for Girls, it was also very appropriate given that my pearl earrings that were a graduation present from B, came from Pearls for Girls. And how about this cute planter box, which looks like it may have been made from old decorative fencing.

planter box

My all time Noosa favourite was the locals, in particular this lolly chomping brush turkey. There were quite a few brush turkey's mingling on the main street, this one though had a green sticky lolly that it was very much enjoying, you can probably make out the lolly under its left foot.

lolly chomping brush turkey

Not much in the way of crafting experiences although, once in Toowoomba we managed a trip to Highfields and the Quilters Angel. Where I purchased wool flannel, and a kit to make a needle book. I am such an impulse buyer, and they join the list of unstarted projects lining up behind the unfinished projects. Just outing myself now, I think is encouraging me one step closer to signing up for a quilting group.

the quilting angel

And even if I don't get to a class, I really want some of this fabric, so Australian with its holden cars and a map of Australia. Unfortunately, the shop that housed this quilt was closed as it was a Sunday, as with most of the shops. Country Australia.

holden fabric quilt

A quilt like this one is more to my standard with a single piece of fabric and complementary binding.

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