01 May, 2007

momentary touchdown

I have been in a whirlwind, and have only momentarily touched down enough to do a day in the office, three loads of washing and type a sentence or two here before heading off again. This time it will be down south, back to Melbourne where I was only a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the whirlwind from which I have returned from that travelled through both Noosa and Toowoomba did not permit internet access even though the trusty laptop was dragged along.

I would like to share more of my whirlwind tour of Queensland but think I will save that for the weekend. Instead I post a 'tribute to flora' mosaic, because we are into plants here as you know. These photos were all taken in Noosa and surrounds. Toowoomba and surrounds made my heart cry, it was so dry, and the countryside was brown, brown, brown. I know we are in drought, but it is really shocking when you see it and realise how grim things are. I feel a bit guilty that I did not take any photos of our drought stricken land for some balance.

Plants from our trip to Qld

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