13 May, 2007

happy mothers day

mothers day cake 2007

Happy Day to all mothers and mothers to be. Mothers Day was held at our place and we had so many mothers; my grandmother, auntie, my mum, and two expectant sisters. Everybody brought a plate which was a lot of fun, and made a lot less work for one person.

And at odds with my reputation I managed not to burn my contributions; a no cook chocolate cake, and sri lankan yellow rice which had lots of burning potential. The chocolate cake was a great success, with a couple of the family suggesting I could make this for other occassions.

Burning things on the day was however, out of the question anyway, as the newish oven kept tripping the power whilst B was cooking his sticky chicky, also causing a slight problem for the reheating process of the dishes that others might be bringing. Thank god for the microwave, it wasn't a big problem. There must be some law of nature that causes these kinds of disasters (ovens to combust, hot water systems to leak...)to happen.

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