26 May, 2007


the small boys speedy quilt has progressed nicely, although I have the sorest shoulders now from crouching on the floor as I pinned the front, back and batting together. The tiles in the kitchen provided the perfect flat surface to work from although at the time it was a bit hard on the knees, and now for the shoulders.

I returned to quilting class today, this time with Judy at 'Quilt Love' in North Rocks. Two and a half hours and I managed to finish the cutting out for the 'Circus in Central Park' quilt I purchased more than two years ago and started easily two years ago when I was doing a class in Penrith.

Circus in Central Park

I am not sure I will make it next week to a class, but this is the great thing about the classes at Quilt Love, you can come and go as you please and you only pay for the classes you attend and not those that you miss. I also liked that everyone was doing a different project, not just quilting, although that accounted for about half of us, the others were doing embroidery, knitting, and crochet. Judy is a master of many crafts.

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