20 May, 2007

lulu my alter ego

lulu's alter ego

say hello to my alter ego, she has pink hair which I would love to have, is a bit flamboyant, likes a bit of sparkle, vintage, lace and crochet, and shares my fashion sense. Lulu is the product of one of my favourite artist's, Rebecca Cool. Until last Friday, I was not aware that Rebecca Cool made dolls, and now I have one. I have named her lulu.

Last week on Sunrise, a women with nine children was promoting her book Womenhood, and the cover was unmistakeably the artwork of Rebecca Cool. My obsessive compulsive tendencies were unleashed and I had to have me a copy which led me to Paddington Contemporary Gallery who had recently had an exhibition of Rebecca's, and were selling said book, and some of her dolls, and had one painting left. I wasn't too keen on the painting for sale, thank god, or the bank account would have required immediate resuscitation. But I did love the dolls and it was a real toss up between Lulu or a red haired one. But according to the gallery curator, the one with the pink hair looked like me.

Of course I was SOLD!

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