28 May, 2007


it was a long day, and I am so thankful to the doctors and nurses at Westmead Hospital who have looked after my dad so well today. Whilst I fought off the anxiousness I am prone to experience, by keeping busy, and with a Rescue Remedy pastille or two, a team of medical practioners performed a 10 hour operation on my dad's heart, all without a break.

I think it was a fairly major procedure, but my dad is not one for seeking attention, so none of us really knew much of what was going on until today. If he could have helped it, I don't think he would have told any of us. He had planned to catch the train to the hospital (which would take probably an hour or more) and would get a taxi or other form of public transport home, selflessly not wanting to put any of us out. But, I can say it really put me out. I felt I really needed to do something, and there is no way my dad would have allowed any member of his family to find their way to and from an operation. Bizarre, that he would think we would not help him out.

My favourite brother took the day off work, making sure dad got to the hospital, and accompanied mum for the day, meeting up with me for lunch. I wasn't really able to keep my mind on the job so had an early mark to wait at the hospital with them. I am grateful too that I have a manager/employer that is reasonable enough to provide me with a day off at short notice to be able to take my dad home, hopefully tomorrow.

And in respect for my dad, I shall end this post now, he is not one for this level of melodrama.

Suffice it to say, we won't know the success of the operation before two weeks, but early signs are good. Yay!

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