29 May, 2007

what were any of us thinking

there was no way my dad was coming home today. I had the day off work originally so that I could bring him home, but we quickly found out that he would not be home until later in the week. My mum was a bit of a mess from worry and a sleepless night. So the day became just as much about her as my dad. B, mum and I spent some of the morning with dad at the hospital, no visiting hour restrictions for us, we didn't stay all that long just the same, given my dad was very tired and a bit dopey on medication.

We came back to our place for a change of scene and to let dad rest. Mum made some calls to my grandmother and the littlest sister, the favourite brother had rung earlier, and I laid out the patches for the Circus in Central Park quilt. Then it was back to the hospital, where I stayed until the littlest sister arrived.

circus in central park

My dad improved tremendously over the course of the day, and we managed to gather a few more small bits of information. That: -

  • the procedure was experimental,

  • may take as long as three months before we know how successful it has been,

  • the success rate for the operation is not very high, and that

  • he may require further procedures, and if this is the case the earliest this can be done will be 4 months, as it will take three months for the healing to take place from this procedure.

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