04 May, 2007


over the last few weeks, the favourite brother graduated from the University of Melbourne, the littlest sister graduated from University of Sydney, I graduated from the University of Southern Queensland, and yesterday B also graduated from University of Sydney.
hood, gown and trencher
It has been a busy few weeks, especially for my parents who have attended every one. We all had a laugh when mum recalled a discussion with the favourite 5 year old nephew that morning.
Favourite 5 yr old Nephew (FN): Granny where are you and Pop going?
Granny: Pop and I are going to watch B graduate from University.
FN: You won't be able to come to my graduation, because you will be dead by then.
B's graduation was an early one, being at 9.30am, after refreshments in the quadrangle, photos, and framing of his degree, mum, dad, B's mum, B and I headed over to the Queen Victoria Building for High Tea at The Tea Room to celebrate. It was so good, mum and I were planning our next visit for my next flexi day and B was inviting himself along. With the Craft and Quilt Fair at the end of June at Darling Harbour, I may not have to wait too long.

the great hall
For now though congratulations to us all, and I am so proud of you b.

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