31 May, 2007

too far from home

I am in Melbourne for a few days for work, and am really wondering what the heck am I doing here. I want to be at home with my family. B rang me thi morning with the sad news that my dads procedure did not work. I spoke with my mum, which made my heart ache, and I just wanted to be with them. I am a bit of a sook anyway, and couldn't help but sob quietly for a few minutes in the workshop I was attending. I spoke with B this afternoon who once off the phone to me had taken the day off work to take my mum to the hospital. I am so thankful to have such a caring and selfless husband. My mum and dad were also grateful. I got to speak with dad this evening, he is now home not wanting to stay at the hospital any longer, and his main message to me was that I not come home, but to have a good time, and to reassure me that all was alright he sent me on a task to get the address of an antiquarian bookstore he had visited last time he was in Melbourne.

Kay Craddock Antiquarian Books, Collins St Melbourne

I found his bookstore with no problem and a shop for me.

Husk, Collins St Melbourne

necklace, Husk, Collins St Melbourne

Husk, clock and paper collage picture

Mirrored Glass Bird hooks

cute bird

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